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Scope of Warranty

Installation/ Services for all offline & Online UPS and maintenance / repair services of the equipment which includes repair and replacement of parts, if required.

UPS :- 

• If the UPS’s are lying at customer’s place for 3 months or above and if we find any damages and missing of any items, BPE will not be responsible for it. Those installations will be carried out only after we receive the payment from the dealers/customers for missing and damaged items.

• Any modification within the UPS/putting the UPS inside an IP based enclosures without knowledge of BPE otherwise warranty will be a void.

• All the test of the UPS should only take place at BPE factory, not at sites. Engineers will only carryout installation job.


• If the Batteries are lying at customer’s place, without installations, for 3 months or above, the warranty will be taken as a void, in accordance to battery vendor guidelines. In these cases, the final decision will be taken by the battery vendor/OEM.

• Battery is a consumable item and has fixed cycles, for charging and discharging. Battery backup time may get reduced as it ages so low battery backup is not considered as manufacturing defect and hence not covered under warranty.

• Due to continuous development and obsolescence of components in the Electronic Industry, at times problem resolution may take longer & Force Majeure conditions are applicable for warranty of UPS.

Limitation and Liability – Subject to:

• Any changes made to the equipment, including any changes / modifications / additions / deletions made on the BPE branding on the product, will make the warranty null and void. Pantek Industries will not be responsible to support and maintain any such product.

• Damages caused due to Input Power within the specified limits and operating environment should be dust free (AC if possible) with temperature less than 35 degree centigrade and humidity 80% (non-condensing). (Life of the Batteries increases dramatically if they are operated at 25 degree centigrade or below).

• Adequate space is to be provided for complete UPS System & Batteries for Engineer to easily access, check and test each battery and UPS Part.

• Any modification/upgrading of the UPS systems capabilities and features done with the written approval of Pantek Industries and in the presence of BPE personnel.

• Any maintenance service under any circumstances posing a health or safety hazard to Pantek Industries personnel will not be insisted upon.

• The UPS will always be attended by Pantek Industries Engineer or authorized representative. Customer will not allow any other person to attend products supplied by  Pantek Industries.

• Ideally, the installation of the UPS should be done by BPE personnel / Authorized Service Provider (ASP) only. However, if the installation of the UPS and Batteries has been done by someone other than Pantek Industries personnel / ASP, the installation note and details should be shared with  Pantek Industries within 15 days of the same for the Warranty to be registered and validated. In the event of non-submission of the installation note / installation details to  Pantek Industries within the specified time period, the Warranty for the equipment supplied by  Pantek Industries will be void.

• With Warranty period for UPS, Battery & any other accessories, the warranty will be void if you change any accessories including Batteries without Pantek Industries concerns. In other way warranty period customer has to incorporate all accessories including Battery or  Pantek Industries Authorized service provider per site in writing.

Under no circumstance will the liability of  Pantek Industries be more than the value of the Equipment.

Care of the Equipment

If the Generator is used as alternative Source of power, then the generator specification must always be as per the below specifications. In case the specifications as mentioned herein are not met and the UPS is damaged, then it will not be covered in the Warranty.

• Capacity/Rating: Min. 1.5 times of UPS Capacity or total load connected to Generator whichever is higher.

• Output Voltage: 230V ± 10 % for 1Phase and 400V ± 10% for 3Ph

• Output Frequency: 50HZ ± 4 %

• Wave Form: Sine wave THD < 6%

• The UPS must NOT be kept in any room which is cooled by Water Coolers since moisture can cause damage to the UPS Electrical circuits.

• The customer will not add any load other than IT products on UPS without the consent and approval of BPE.

• Transit damage claim should be done with 7 days of Pantek Industries Invoice or next day or receiving supporting document Invoice + Docket (sign with damage remarks written)

• Keep the installation area’s temperature around 25 degrees Celsius and humidity within 90%. The highest operating altitude is 3000 meters.

• For safety concerns, we suggest that you:

1.Equip surroundings of the installation area with CO2 or dry powder fire extinguishers.

2.Install the transformer cabinet in an environment where fireproof materials are used to construct the walls, floors and ceilings.

• In the event the Product fails to comply with the foregoing warranty, BPE shall either repair the defective Product/component/part.

Warranty void conditions:

• The Warranty does not cover any defects or damages due to, including but not limited to, accident, fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, acts of God, neglect, abuse or misuse or due to, including but not limited to, shipping, storage, installation, application, operation or maintenance not in conformity with BPE’s recommendations and industry standard practice.

• In the case of surge filters & diverters, these units are designed as self-sacrificial devices to protect the equipment. However, due to the unpredictability of surge events, this is not a guarantee. A unit that has been damaged in this way is not covered by this warranty.

• Any modification made to the product other than those made by Pantek Industries or its authorized representatives may cause this warranty to be void.

• The Warranty does not cover system batteries, battery bank and all other peripheral products and accessories not supplied by Pantek Industries (including components and software) or the installation, operation, maintenance or service of such accessories.

• The Warranty does not cover reimbursement for labor involved in removal /installation, temporary powering or any other expenses, which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement in any ways.

• The Warranty does not cover accessories shipped with the Product, including but not limited to, cable, user manual, CD, etc.

• The Warranty does not cover any Product whose serial number has been altered, defaced or removed.

• The Warranty is null and void if the product is installed and/or used in inappropriate environments, including but not limited to, liquid damage, extreme heating/cooling conditions and/or temperature fluctuation exceeding design limit, direct sunlight or halogen light exposure. The existence of inappropriate environments under which the Product’s installation and operation is affected will lead to total loss of The Warranty coverage.

• Neither Salesman/Employee/ Contractor of Pantek Industries is authorized to vary the terms of this warranty.

Do’s & Don’t UPS and Battery Room

• Ensure UPS is kept in ‘ON’ position 24×7 basis.

• UPS batteries should be kept in a dry and enclosed place in a rack.

• Install proper cooling systems in UPS room or ensure proper cross ventilation.

• UPS room should be protected from unauthorized entry.

• Earthing should be checked on periodic.

• Get Half yearly preventive maintenance of UPS by giving proper shutdown for smooth functioning of machine.

• Extended Warranty applicable through BPE Only.

• If office is at the area where power fluctuations are high, ensure proper Servo stabilizer/SPD is installed.

• There should NOT be water seepage near the UPS and batteries.

• There should NOT be heat around the UPS and battery.

• UPS should NOT be kept in dusty environment.

• In UPS room, do not keep any food item, or any kind of garbage.

• UPS Should not be turned off without the permission of manufacturer/dealer.

• Location of the UPS should NOT be changed without the permission of manufacturer/dealer.

• Ensure no rat or reptiles should be around UPS.

• Do not allow unauthorized personnel to enter the installation area. Assign specified personnel to keep the transformer cabinet’s key.

• Do not open or remove the covers or panels of the UPS to avoid high voltage electric shock. Only authorized Pantek Industries engineers or service personnel can do so for installation or maintenance. If you want to open or remove the covers or panels, do it only under the supervision of authorized BPE engineers or service personnel.

• It is strictly forbidden to connect the UPS to any regenerative loads.

• The risk of dangerous high voltage is possible when batteries are still connected to the UPS even though the UPS is disconnected from the power sources.

• Before maintenance turn off the external battery cabinet’s circuit breaker to completely cut off the battery power from the UPS.

• Do not dispose of the battery or batteries in a fire. The Batteries may explode.

• Do not open or damage the battery or batteries. The released electrolyte is harmful to the skin and eyes and may be toxic.

• The UPS is electronic equipment that runs 24 hours continuously. To ensure its normal lifetime, regular, maintenance of the UPS and batteries is very importance and necessary.

• Some components like batteries, power capacitors, and fans will become worn-out due to long-term usage, and this will increase the risk of UPS failure. To replace and maintain the components, please contact BPE service personnel.


 Pantek Industries shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under or arising out of:

• Misuse or negligent handling or tampering of the equipment by Customer or other agencies.

• Damages caused due to fire, dust, coal dust, moisture, theft, riots, pests, rodents, accidents, and other exceptional / external circumstances. Customer must ensure that the Equipment is kept in a safe dust free, moisture free and proper environment where no external sources / agents cause any damage to the Equipment.

• The equipment may be kept in an AC environment but not in an environment that has water cooler as a temperature control mechanism since moisture can cause damage to the UPS internal electrical circuit.

• Electrical wiring faults, short circuiting, work of other agencies such as air conditioning, welding, plumbing etc.

• Customer cannot claim any money refund by replacing the warranted product with some other make of higher/lower/equivalent product.

• Any consequential damages arising out of the non-performance of product shall not be covered under this warranty policy. Pantek Industries will also not be liable for any damages / loss caused to the customer due to the non-performance of the Equipment.

• The Contract does not cover carrying out internal, external wiring, electrical earthing or any other electrical repairs.

• The Contract does not cover failure of any wire wounds.

• Pantek Industries will not be liable for any accident / loss of life caused due to the non-performance of the Equipment. Battery is a consumable with fixed charging / discharging cycles. Also, Battery is a power storage device and not a power generating device. A battery requires adequate input power to charge properly. Over a period of time the backup capacity of a battery reduces and hence BPE will not be liable for any reduction in the battery backup time.